what you see on select web pages you broadcast on your public display

Thanks to superior controls, easily mastered or managed for you in the Datalive© Actualyst℠, your displays will instantly look better. Our unique services and technology let you capture and broadcast easily what you intend.

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For more details visit our website: actualyst.datalive.com

recommended devices

The most important decision to make when planning your setup is over which device to use to power your Actualyst℠ Dashboard and Displays.

After testing the current options available, the strengths and weaknesses, we recommend it all starts with an audit.

pay online

Create your own dashboard today, by starting a Datalive© Actualyst℠ trial (no credit card required OAC)

With the right information, equipment, a hosted page and an hour or so of your time, getting your dashboard on to your company or private wall display is relatively straightforward.

long term cast

Unattended on for long periods of time/permanently and ideally on Google's Chrome in Full Screen Mode broadcasts best.
Supports landscape or portrait modes with live data feeds.
Supports full screen mode.
Has an HDMI output.
Allows for easy input.
Wireless network ready.

Downtime proof

We guarantee 99% up-time on our hosted servers and mitigate all the risk we may on all others.

A simple Actualyst℠ Dashboard designed with carefully selected metrics by audit, impacts an organisation’s culture, inspiring data-centric conversions, sales, and action in holistic ways.